Its been a busy but steady start to the year and a conversation I had several weeks ago with an old friend prompted me to ask the question "How did this all happen?"

I won't elaborate here because I speak about this in the clip below

I found myself stood there pondering this whilst working by Rydal Water on a wet but pleasant day. 

Now I don't want you to imagine I often stand around thinking deeply and looking vacant but it just hit home at that time. I hope you find the piece enjoyable.

From a work perspective its been very good. Commissions coming in from various magazines and my workshops are being regularly booked.

I have literally been all over the Lakes for various reasons. Sometimes its fruitful and others not. I was asked to go and take some shots recently over at Ullswater but the window I had to do this was one day and the game we play of 'Weather Roulette' kicked in. It happens. 

Whilst I did manage a few images it wasn't to the desired brief but they will be useable at a later date.

A couple of pleasant sessions on Wast Water for Sunrise and Sunset proved very worthwhile. Some fantastic light and I am pleased with the results.In fact whilst I haven't used those shots in magazines as yet, I do have a piece in this months The Great Outdoors magazine on that subject. I hope you enjoy reading it.

I recently ran a workshop for Nick Hood who had 'won me' in a raffle on behalf of FIXTHEFELLS that was organised by GINA PENNINGTON. It was a pleasure to undertake and Nick hadn't been near a camera properly for years but thoroughly enjoyed his day.

Whilst we have just popped into Spring, I can't help feeling that the snowy landscapes we expected have been a slight disappointment. As I write this, its actually started to go warmer and but I did manage a few decent snow days on the fells that produced a few lovely shots for next year. I am not a photographer who snaps away merrily. If I don't feel it has merit then I don't 'click' the shutter. I went up onto Middle Fell, always a favourite of mine with David Powell-Thompson and when we reached the snow line, I managed a couple of very atmospheric photographs. It was still worthwhile!

I have a feeling that like a few years back we haven't seen the last of the white stuff just yet. Recall the Easter when the drifts where enormous?

So the years shaping up and o a personal note, I am now undertaking a mammoth ride in the LONDON 100 on behalf of Aspire the spinal injuries charity. You can see how I am progressing here JUST GIVING. Any donations will be gratefully received and remember. We can walk freely and see the fells and mountains as we want too. These people will never be able to that in the way we do. Imagine what that would be like?

As a result of mt involvement, OUTDOOR FITNESS magazine have commissioned my own story as I train and undertake the challenge. Wish me luck....!

The next few weeks will bring various commissions to the fore and David and I are finally at draft stage on our book which will be out in early May. We have seen the cover now and its an exciting time. Our next commissioned book is already underway and we hope to have that ready for next year.

I hope you enjoy whatever you do and lets hope the spring is a good one!