A New Beginning

As we moved through the spring, I decided that a new look was needed for the website that had served me so well for the past eight years. Whilst I have always kept it fresh and up to date times and needs change. 

As yet, it is still a work in progress but with a few minor tweaks, i'm hoping that it will be fully up and running within a the next couple of weeks or so...

Yours Truly on Mellbreak this year. Picture taken by Gina Pennington

We are now into early May and as well as undertaking a couple of wonderful Landscape Weddings in the past week (both with contrasting weather, The lakes eh...) I'm now preparing for a talk with Jon Sparks taking place next Friday morning, 15th May, that will open the Keswick Mountain Festival in Crow Park.

We start at 10am and unlike a lot of things today, IT IS A FREEBIE! So we would love to see you there as we chat about our lives as Landscape Photographers, we hope you can make it.

The next few months are filled nicely with workshops and articles I am involved in and I'm looking forward to a warm week in Majorca come June.

On another note, the book I have co-written and photographed in conjunction with my good friend, David Powell-Thompson is now in final draft stage and should be available mid year.

One thing I have noticed of late as I moved around the lakes, is the amount of rubbish that people are leaving behind.

If you are going to visit then take your waste/crap home with you. The worse examples I have seen are broken bottles and BBQ remnants left strewn across an area that I know the Cumbrian Heavy Horses visit.

It only takes a minute folks. I am sure that most who love the fells and walk them as I do are not the culprits. However, if you know of people who are going to visit, don't preach but just let them know its not a bin!

Enjoy the warmth when it returns...

Hope to see you at Keswick.