A few days on the fells then Majorca!

The above is not standard wear for the Cumbrian Fells...

However, should you be flying on Monarch Airlines you will see one of my articles on Alcudia in their inflight magazine PASSPORT.  

I will be off to Majorca next weekend on a part jolly and work assignment for the Airline. I hope the sun and warmth begins to roll in here though as I have seen reports of snow on the tops this morning and wonder when the real summer is going to appear..?

Before I depart, the coming week see me working out on the fells over Crummock way and then running a workshop on the western side before a days shoot for me!

A few bits and bobs will appear in various mags over the coming months and I will keep you posted on that. 

In the mean time, enjoy whatever comes your way.

Blog to follow!