Its here....well for this week anyway...

Yes, as I write this the the sun is blazing down on what promises to be the hottest day of the year.

I am not one who complains about the heat or the sunshine. I love it. The factor 30 is slapped on to my bald 'noggin' and I don my shorts, thus exposing the hairy tree trunks that have developed considerably since the cycle training began in earnest last January.

Unfortunately, today I can't get to the fells for two reasons.

1. It is my birthday (59 and still counting) and thanks for the lovely message via Social Media


2. We are having a family gathering in Cheshire.

I will be out and about on them next week though for a few days. Watch the weather change.....

The weather eh? It has been a strange time for weather. Less than a month ago I had to wear my full winter gear including trappers hat as I ran a workshop. 

Flaming June....

In June!!!

Now though, the layers are slowly being peeled (not provocatively mind) and I hope for all of us that it gives us a good run!

Preparing to venture out in such lovely temperatures means that adjustments are made to my usual clothing. My boots are replaced by the BERGHAUS Hill Master 11 GTX. I find them light yet just as sturdy as my four season heavier version. I have always preferred leather footwear. I feel they offer me more protection around the ankle, especially when descending. My personal preferrence.

Just as importantly, I literally 'weight up' my kit from a photographic perspective.

I usually shoot on my full frame Canon 5dMk3 but without doubt the new generation of mirrorless cameras are simply awesome and I have been a regular of the FUJI X PRO1 since it arrived on the scene a couple of years back. I use it exclusively when abroad but now find that it is a great camera to take out both on the lower fells as well as up and on high.

I am not one for loading a rucksack up with camera gear. For me its  the camera and a maximum of two lenses along with my LEE filters. Thats three soft grads, a little stopper and a polariser. It is very light. It works!

I know some people are happy to literally use a camera phone but whilst they can be effective in certain circumstances, they are not as flexible as a camera.

Right this is a short blog as I am now off out on my birthday jollies. i would be interested as to what you take out in your photography kit bag.