A Different Kind Of Landscape

Going Underground!

Last year I published a blog about travelling 500 miles to capture one image with the title 'The Proclaimers and Me'

This year the musical theme has continued with The Jam providing the soundtrack!

John carrying out an inspection of the roof lining in the Standedge Tunnel

John carrying out an inspection of the roof lining in the Standedge Tunnel

After  a few days of taking photographs above ground in the lakes, I was privileged to be commissioned by the Canals and River Trust to photograph the Standedge Tunnel in West Yorkshire.

What a fantastic structure this is!

Built in 1811 and 3.5miles long, it is one of the Seven Wonders of The Waterways and well worth a visit. They undertake boat trips deep inside it and there is a cafe by the entrance. The drive there is spectacular too!

The tunnel has to undergo regular routine inspections and I was there to photograph that happening. The images will be used for publicity and some are to be framed and hung in their buildings.

We were joined by local media and a camera crew and reporter from LOOK NORTH who were shooting for an item to be broadcast that evening.

Filming in underground with BBC NORTH.

Filming in underground with BBC NORTH.

A day later I was back to my normal job above ground.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many and I mean many well wishers who have taken time and trouble to congratulate me on the rainbow image.

They are still coming in from all over the globe and I feel very humbled by the whole experience.

Thank you so much.

This week its meetings, processing and writing before turning my attention to London and the awards ceremony next week.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good time this week!