The Written Word and a Leap into Spring

St Bees

St Bees

The past few weeks have been spent with my eyes looking at the screen rather than out on the fells. I don't mind that as its all part of the job and the articles I have been finishing off are now duly despatched.

With snow seemingly coming and going, the weather patterns have been all over the place but it didn't stop me getting out when I had to in order to gather a few last shots that were needed to top and tail one of my articles.

A trip around the lakes for several 'recces' saw me clock up over 400 miles and one of the stops was at St Bees. I am shooting a rather sumptuous wedding there on the 2nd April for the lovey Fox-Adams family. I love St Bees and Irene and I went over to 'Hartleys Cafe' afterwards for the customary Cumbrian Sausage baguette! A culinary delight and recommended.

After processing new images and gratefully accepting several more commissions, I am now looking forward to getting out and about for 'the season'.

It was also a great  pleasure to finish off my winter talks at Ulverston Photographic Society and the welcome and warm reception they gave me was heartwarming. Thank you so much!

The clocks have just gone forward and outside it is very mixed. Sunshine and showers. 

Go out and enjoy it!