Over The Rainbow

A couple of months back I was extremely lucky to be stood on the shores of Wast Water when the best Rainbow I have ever seen decided to appear.

I was chatting at the time with another professional photographer, Martin Lawrence when it happened.

Whilst he ran off to get some images of the phenomenon, I stayed put and took a few of my own.

I posted it that night on social media and the reaction was tremendous. I was immediately contacted by editors as they wished to put it in their magazines and asked to withdraw it from the sites as they wanted to 'hit readers' with it!.

It now appears for the first time in this months 'Lancashire life' and 'Lake District Life' magazines.

I was surprised but honoured by the way the editor has teased the readers by saying 'IS THIS THE GREATEST EVER LAKES PHOTO?'

I wouldn't go that far but I was in the right place at the right time. A special moment.

It will appear later on in the year in another article I have been commissioned to write and it is now in my gallery for sale.

I hope you like it.

On another note, I have been very busy finishing the wedding images i recently took and running workshops. It was a delight to meet both Rita and Tracey who 'won' me in an auction for BLADDER CANCER. They were lovely to be with and I hope that you can chuck a few pennies the way of the charity.

Every little helps!