A Bit of A Change

You may recall that last year that I undertook the London 100 ride for the Aspire spinal Charity.

Because of my own spinal issues, the magazine OUTDOOR FITNESS decided to follow my training regime and eventual participation in the worlds largest cycle sportive.

The training was a real pleasure and whilst difficult as I began on those dark wintery days, I soon developed a pattern of commitment that would eventually ensure I could complete the event.

I would like to thank Jon Sparks for his excellent photographs taken of me whilst training just behind Coniston. A lovely guy and a true professional who shares me passion for cycling.

Under no circumstances would I say it was easy as it was far from that. It was a real challenge but as I rode I realised that many of the people I was riding for would never ever have the chance to do what I was doing.

Each pedal stroke was delivered with them in mind.

The support given to me before, during and after the ride was fantastic and as I rode alongside my eldest son David, it was something I will never forget.

As I write this now, the medal is hanging above me and is a permanent reminder not just of that day and the training but how lucky we are compared to many others.

That story is now in the current edition of the publication and I am very proud that they chose me to be as they call it, a 'hero' for this month. The lanes around London were full of them that day.

I hope you enjoy reading it as I felt a tremendous sense of achievement as I completed the ride.

It was very emotional to say the least.