An Offer I Couldnt refuse

Dusk On Slight Side

Dusk On Slight Side

Not quite a horses head but I received an offer I couldn't refuse when I was delighted to be contacted by LEE FILTERS the other week and invited to their 'Thank You' dinner for its Ambassadors.

It takes place in early July and I m really looking forward to it. I will post a report after the event.

This is not an advert as I feel very honoured that they support me and find their products literally a cut above. I would say that around 50% of my workshop students arrive with other brands and later go onto to buy them. I don't sell them. They sell themselves when you work with them.

I see their filters as a long term investment and worth the extra. You get what you pay for.

Whilst we await the return of the good weather and today is the official start of summer, most photographers will tell you that it is a time of year that rarely yields the best photographic opportunities.

Now please don't get me wrong, its good for still getting out there and enjoying the walks but the longer days wont always provide the best dramatic times for images. The haze and the verdant colour aren't always the best ingredients.

That said, I have enjoyed one or two over the years but it is a good time for running workshops because you get a more settled weather (did I just say that???) and extra daylight.

So workshops and a bit of writing are usually my diet for this time of year.

Whatever is thrown at us, lets enjoy it!!