Into Autumn

I know it sounds crazy but we are about to enter the autumnal months. 

The year has flown by.

Children are about to go back to school and the Heather is now becoming abundant on the fells.  The fells have attracted lots of new visitors and whilst that is good, it has also brought with it the downside, namely carelessly abandoned rubbish. I find it incredible that people will visit such beautiful places yet leave litter. Doesn't take much to put in a bag and take home does it....

The 'summer' weather has been up and down and as I write, the rain is falling heavily again and I see that Patterdale has flooded once more.

Awful, so lets hope that it is not another period in waiting like last year. Those poor people suffered so badly. I know it hit many areas so lets just pray that it doesn't return with a vengeance again for anyone.

On a personal note, this time of year is always busy with work.  Those eagerly anticipated misty mornings begin to appear attracting us to our favourite places and we await the colours that show themselves in a way that captivates before winter arrives.  

I receive many bookings for this season and as always, I look forward to meeting new and old clients again.

I hate using that word 'clients' as I see them as more than that. I know its a business side i offer but my approach is very personal as those who come and ask me to help them will testify. I prefer to call them friends and I can honestly say that they have become just that. I love hearing from them as they send me updates as to their progress.

As well as the workshops, I have many talks booked throughout the colder months and I look forward to making new friends on my travels.

If you are near by you will be more than welcome to attend. I will post my itinerary nearer the time.

The past weeks have seen me undertake workshops in differing conditions but they have been a pleasure to undertake.

'That' tree at Buttermere

'That' tree at Buttermere

Sunset on Wast Water. Well sort of....

Sunset on Wast Water. Well sort of....

Steve on his workshop at Devoke Water

Steve on his workshop at Devoke Water


I am now working on several new commissions and have magazine articles to prepare.

Whatever the weather, I hope that you enjoy a safe and pleasurable time.