The Winter


Just the mention of the word conjures up so many different images in the mind. For some it is a time of dread as the hard frost and cool days can be lethal both in the home for our more senior members of society and on the roads. Actually we are all potential 'targets'. For folk with a love of the outdoors? Well they whoop whoop on social media that they cant wait to get out in 'them thar hills'. It is a time to venture out and enjoy their favourite places that now nestle under a blanket of snow. Whilst there is no doubting that it makes for great photography and changes the vista completely, I always have reservations. Whilst I am not a killjoy (ask anyone who knows me and they will say I am quite the opposite), I always view winter wonderland with even more respect. I am careful at the best of times and my philosophy is simple in that the fells will always be there on another day. The weather and conditions will always win for me. My safety and that of others is always paramount.

The outdoors offer so much to all of us wether we simply go for a drive and look at the magnificent lands we live in or as others do, stride out and ascend to the peaks.


It is an evocative time when we, well most of us, also recant our childhood memories taking us back to sledging, snowballs and bundles of warm clothing (actually that could still be now ha ha!!) but at present unless you are up in the highlands we have little or no snow worth a mention.

For me and my profession its a waiting game. Will it, wont it? Patience. A virtue of the landscape photographer.

This time of year also marks my definite 'other season'. Its the one where I 'mop up' or go through 'stuff', cataloging, processing images I had meant to and formalising plans that are in place.It keeps me busy. Whilst I undertook a lovely workshop for Rosie and her mum Sara last week my workshops now begin in earnest.

Rosie (nearest) and her mum Sara on their workshop last week. January and not a snowflake in sight...

Rosie (nearest) and her mum Sara on their workshop last week. January and not a snowflake in sight...

Next week also has me delivering 'A BIT OF A JOURNEY' to the Eden Valley Photographic Society and then the following day I have a group workshop by Wast Water.

So now my year really gets underway and I am looking forward to meeting so many new people.

My latest blog for Berghaus can be read here and I have also delivered several articles in the past few weeks that will be on the shelves in the spring.

Seasons eh? What would we do without them...