Into Autumn

The weather….

We cant moan about the ‘end’ of the summer as it was simply fantastic but things have returned to ‘normal’ now if a little extreme at times.

I did notice a few weeks back that the autumnal colours were just beginning to appear on the trees.

The leaves aren’t quite ready to turn fully just yet and I do hope that they manage to display for us before all these storms that are arriving manage to dislodge them from the trees.

I love all the seasons but Autumn ticks a few extra boxes and of course it brings those rich golden days that are enhanced by the fading light at dusk.

Lets see how we get on in the coming months.

As you may know, I have been asked by Trail Magazine to judge the Mountain Photo comp again this year and to provide monthly tips to get the most from your cameras. This month sees the ‘Masterclass’ I have been asked to provide and I hope you enjoy reading it.


On a personal level, my autumn workshops are now in full swing and I have a busy schedule between now and the end of the year. It is also the time that the talks season reopens.

I really enjoy meeting folk from across the country and it is always nice when they ask you over to come and explain just what I do for a living. The welcome and hospitality is always warm and I have made many friends as a result.

Just getting back too the weather, (I know we are obsessed) I ran a workshop in the lakes this week with Susan who has been with me before and I have to thank her for being prepared to go out in horrendous weather allied with a big smile on her face!

We spent the first day around Watendlath which it is one of those locations that always manages to provide good photo opportunities. It did not disappoint. She managed to capture some fabulous snaps and was delighted when we reviewed them at the end of day1.

I will never forget day2, standing in the bottom of the valley at Honister as the wind literally made it difficult for us to stand up.

Daring… we managed to move out from behind the shelter of the boulders to take a few snaps. (photo courtesy of Vicki Procter)

Daring… we managed to move out from behind the shelter of the boulders to take a few snaps. (photo courtesy of Vicki Procter)

If you know the location, you will be familiar with the large boulders that the ice age kindly deposited. Not just photogenic, they make great wind breaks! We dodged the showers and once in a while the sun managed to put in an appearance. It was good to drop down low as well and as she wanting to work without a tripod, it was a simple case of upping the ISO in order to get what she wanted.

Most sensible decision of the day? Leave the big fishing brolly in the car. Paragliding is NOT one of my ideals.

On another note, Vicki Procter and had to postpone the forthcoming PHOTOWALK as the storms were set to envelop Eskdale and we couldn’t take the risk as well as not wanting folk to travel great distances only for us to cancel last minute. We will reschedule for later in the year and thanks to all for their understanding.

The fells will always be there another day.

Enjoy your photography and without sounding condescending, please be safe out there.