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Discover some Of The Most Beautiful and Unspoilt Areas Of The Lake District With Mark And VICKI PROCTER

We would like to take you on a walk through some of the most spectacular scenery in the UK.

The walks we undertake will not be too strenuous but we will go over undulating ground. They will last approximately 5-6 hours in duration. If you are in any doubt as to your own health and suitability, you must seek medical advice prior to attending.

The way in which you and Victoria delivered the day paved the way for a most enjoyable day. I do hope you do more of these!
— Janet Coulson

So what do we offer you?

Mark is one of the countries leading landscape photographers and has a wealth of experience working and taking groups out onto the fells over the past 40 years. Vicki looks through her lens in a slightly different way and offers a nicely balanced contrast to Marks 'wider' views of the fells. As we walk together, we will point out how we would approach photographing what we see and of course every time we go out that will be something very different. 

Everyone was extremely kind and helpful in the group, you said that’s how walkers usually are. I would like to add that you as the Leader helped to make a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
— Linda Bamford

Those of you who are regular visitors to the lakes will know that walking and stopping to take photographs can be a hindrance to other members of your usual walking group but we will show you how you can combine the two comfortably without being the source of adverse comments from others. Well not too much! Both Vicki and I will be on hand to help you with any technical queries you may have with your camera and to help with compositions. We would however expect a basic knowledge of your camera before coming out with us. 

I enjoyed the relaxed pace of the day and while this was not a workshop there was still plenty of great information and tips to be had.
— Steve Davis

So what will you need? As we are going to be out for a while a packed lunch, proper walking boots as well as the correct, purpose designed clothing to cover weather eventualities. These are basic essentials. After all, it is the lakes....

Please note that this should not be confused with a comprehensive photography workshop but it will give you pointers to feel that you are getting the most from the situation and your camera at that time.

Groups will be limited to a maximum of 10 people and you will be responsible for your own safety during the walk.

Our next walk will be in the Esk Valley and the date will appear here shortly. Further details can be obtained by contacting Vicki on her email at

The cost for the day is £35 per person. We will meet at a specified location and then begin our walk from that point after a general discussion.

We look forward to seeing you in due course.