Wonderful weddings

“Using Mark was our best wedding decision! We met leading up to the day, and he made sure he was clear on details then come up with some really good suggestions. He was completely flexible and able to offer us exactly what we wanted which was not the usual wedding package. We had a very small wedding but irrespective of that, having the photos taken really made our day into an event. Mark was completely easy to be with and helped make it all seem natural. The results really do speak for themselves and are absolutely stunning! The images Mark has given us of our wedding day will give us a lifetime of enjoyment. We would recommend him to everyone.”
Pam and Rob Jenkins, Cheshire

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement!

One things for sure, when you are planning your special wedding day, you want to be able to look back on it with a smile on your face! You also want to make sure that you have as little to 'worry' about as possible and a good professional photographer will at least take away one of those fears for you. I am glad that you are considering me for that. I feel it is a real honour to be asked and entrusted with the responsibility of taking peoples photographs. Weddings are so special and a one off and I will relish capturing the day for you.

Capturing your bespoke photographs, is a responsibility that I enjoy being able to do for you. Just ask the people I have delivered too over the past 40 years. They are happy to provide you with assurances of my work which has seen me deliver all over the North West of England and there are testimonials below.

From house to church to venue and the first dance, I can provide you with exceptionally high quality digital images to treasure. I specialise in 'fly on the wall' photographs so I am as 'invisible' as possible. After all, you will be the stars of the show, its your day and you need to be in the limelight as much as you can.I will ensure that happens and capture that for you. It is a complete, bespoke service and is costed as such, to suit all budgets.
Please be aware that a Pro such as myself doesn't simply turn up and take photos - thats what your guests do!

I really don't say that in a condescending way but many couples who approach me sometimes think they only pay for a few hours work on the day and that couldn't be further from the truth and so I always explain the amount of time I will devote to them. For me its about presenting the best possible work for you and that requires processing, sepia toning, black and white and touch up. All of that is included in my service.

In essence, that would require around 4 - 5 days work as well as site visits. I do not charge for travel or consultation for our initial meet and can offer you the most professional of services throughout our time together.I hope you like my work, after all its a big decision you have to make and its vital you choose wisely.

Every wedding day is so different and I haven't come across one yet that has changed my mind on that fact. As a result, I do NOT set package or deal prices. I work sensibly to your budget to ensure that you get the best possible service that you desire. After all, it is the one time you will do this and it has to be right. 

When the day has gone and believe me it will fly by, the photographs will last forever. They are not a 24 hour hit. They serve as a reminder for the great day you have planned and saved for and consequently I want to help you ensure that it is right for you, after all, it reflects on me too!

So, what's next?

A professional doesn't just turn up at the ceremony after a meet and deliver the images in a couple of days. My service includes all the necessary discussions, meetings, recce of locations, rehearsals, the day and processing. I also specialise in Landscape Weddings and was selected by 'PURE BRIDE' as 'the photographer' to do them.

For me, I like to reflect the 'real' images of the day. Taken 'on the hoof' in the true 'REPORTAGE' style, I can capture moments that you cannot recreate.Sure, there will be some formal photographs but in the main, I shoot what I see to reflect the fun, glamour and emotion of the day. By the way, it is me you get too and NOT an agency photographer who has had the work 'farmed' out to them.I can guarantee that you get my full attention to provide you with what you need.That takes care and time.

I am happy to discuss your requirements, so if my work does appeal then please get back to me via the contact section on here.Remember that the word professional isn't just about paying someone.It is the total service provided that guarantees you are dealing with someone who treats you professionally too.

As I said at the beginning, no two weddings or couples are alike and so you will need to be treated as such.

So, if all that seems to suit please get in touch via the contact section on here and I will be delighted to discuss your requirements.