Have you received a camera and want to get the most from it?

Maybe want to buy a workshop as a gift for someone?

Don't want to be one of a crowd on a group workshop? 

"I would invite you to read the testimonials which I am proud to post on here and are written by 'students' who have now become friends! 

I have been running workshops for over 35 years and I personally learn something on every one that I undertake. Its a pleasure to be asked to guide people, so that they can attain the photographs that they want to proudly show off. That gives me great satisfaction!

Most of the workshops I am asked to deliver are 'One to One' and you know I am exclusively working with you. I do run a small group workshop when asked and details are below. It is not unusual for friends to book together and I would never ask you to come on a workshop with others whom you do not know. You want to obtain the maximum out of a days tuition and I want you to attain that. You 'get me' exclusively whether in a small group or my 1-1 and I don't ever 'farm' work out to others.

Also, I do NOT set dates as I like to be flexible with you but I avoid the weekends

I enjoy running them in a relaxed, pleasant, jovial atmosphere. What I can promise, apart from the 'awful sense of humour', is that you will learn more from me in two days than any night school or photography club you will join. Those are not my words but from those who have attended my workshops. 

 I am happy to discuss any particular location that you are keen to explore. It doesn't matter if it rains or shines because I have a huge 6' umbrella for us to stand under. I have been known to paraglide on many occasions.

“As a veteran of close-on a dozen workshops, I can say that Mark was one of the very best. He looked at some of my previous images, and gave me a constructive critique. Then out in the field he started by making me practise a straightforward method for exposing an image correctly and managing filters – I wondered why none of my previous professionals had suggested it. Simple and systematic; if Mark could patent it he’d be a millionaire.”

Robert Cassen OBE, London

Workshops & Prices

What do I offer? 

Well they are bespoke. Literally.

You tell me what you want to achieve and I will construct and deliver the day or days to do that for you. Your time with me actually begins when you make contact and then you send me some examples of your best Landscape work. From that point on your workshop begins. The time is designed to suit you and NOT me.

“I feel like shouting out ‘Look what I made!’ All thanks to Mark Gilligan!

I’ve gone from being a ‘geek with a phone’ to a ‘nerd with a camera’. Had a fabulous bespoke workshop with Mark. I would recommend those budding photographers or anyone who’s a whizz to try this workshop with Mark.

He fits his workshop with your level of skill - mine was pretty low but what a learning curve! I am now going off to take some pictures!”

- NANCY BANKS, Gosforth

Obviously, individual needs dictate how much time you wish to spend with me but as someone who was awarded the Investors In People for training I can assess and deliver accordingly.

The days will usually consist of us meeting, going through an understanding of the camera, out and about  with 'onsite' practical work and finished off with processing. This will be more in depth the longer you spend with me but I can promise you that you will achieve your goals.

My lovely customers have ranged from people who are total and I mean total novices. Some have just purchased a DSLR camera and want to get the most from it. One thing you don't want to be is over awed by your camera and I can assure you that I will make you feel at ease with it very quickly. I recently had someone come to me who had only ever taken photographs on an iPhone. I lent her my full frame DSLR and by the end of the two day workshop her images were fantastic. Most others who attend are keen amateurs who have a grasp of the subject but want to 'spread' their wings and really get the most from their equipment. I also teach professionals who want to delve into another genre of photography.

" For me, its not just the running of the days, it becomes a friendship as people have entrusted me to guide them, I am pleased that many of them return time and time again and they also keep in touch. I would ask you to refer to the testimonials here as confirmation and I would be happy to put you in direct contact with those people.

One thing you will notice as we spend time together is that I do not take my own equipment - its your workshop not mine. 

I am renowned for minimalistic processing and ensuring that you get as much captured in camera. I do NOT teach HDR photography but as one editor put it, 'REAL' photography. I will show you how to do that. You will still have to learn a few Lightroom techniques but that is the nature of the beast!

If you do eventually book me, I will loan you a set of Lee Filters (This is only for 1-1 tuition and I will have to know your filter thread size in advance. Please note that I don't posses filters for everyone) to match the work we are going to undertake but you will need to bring the following:

  1. A tripod that matches your camera (I do have one for hire as well as a DSLR camera too)
  2. A cable release or remote trigger 
  3. Something to write your notes down on when we get back. A tablet, phone or good old fashioned notebook is fine!

As I mentioned earlier, the beauty of coming out with me is that it isn't a formula workshop. Its tailor made for you. If you are interested, then please go to the contact section here and return it to me. I can promise you a speedy reply unless I am out and about on the fells. Phone signals can be spartan occasionally but I do my best to respond promptly.
I look forward to seeing you soon!

NB ***All Workshops in the Lake District with kind permission from the National Trust***

*Please note that should you request payment be made via PAYPAL, an additional £10 will have to be added to the invoice due to their fees*

1-1 ONE DAY WORKSHOP - Cost £220
1-1 TWO DAY WORKSHOP - Cost £405
1-1 THREE DAY WORKSHOP - Cost £550
1-1 FOUR DAY WORKSHOP - Cost £625
TWO PERSON ONE DAY WORKSHOP - Cost £170 each per day
TWO PERSON TWO DAY WORKSHOP - Cost £165 each per day
TWO PERSON THREE DAY WORKSHOP - Cost £160 each per day

THREE PERSON ONE DAY WORKSHOP - Cost £155 each per day

GROUP COURSE ONE DAY  approx five hours duration, minimum four friends - Cost £125 per person



LIGHTROOM AND PHOTOSHOP TUITION AT YOUR HOME - £210 which includes online follow up and assessments plus travelling expenses