A Few Updates...

A Few Updates...

“I never tire of exploring different ways to capture the landscape and my work is progressing in the quarries around the Lakes and North Wales.

It is important that we understand the landscape that we work and walk on and I would heartily recommend a visit to the museum of slate in Llanberis.”

Bulging At The Seams....

Bulging At The Seams....

I am not a killjoy, far from it and I know that we have to do something on these days off with our families and friends but it would appear that the park’s cannot cope with the influx. It can be difficult enough at weekends but when the ‘currant bun’ appears, feeling the warmth on our backs and factoring in a Bank Holiday, they really do become stretched.

What Day Is It....

What Day Is It....

“After three days out on the fells with Andy, I dashed over the country to deliver my second talk ‘SAME VIEW DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE’ to DURHAM PS and so pleased they loved it. A warm and responsive group when I last visited and it was even better this time around. A pleasure to be asked back again straight after the talk.”

In Print

It is always a pleasure to be published and a couple of pieces of mine have found their way onto the shelves.

I was asked by TRAIL MAGAZINE to submit an image from location I though worthy of a walk and I chose Latrigg


'Lancashire Life' and 'Lake District Life' asked me to write an article about an image I had captured and why it meant so much to me. I chose one of my favourite Bow Fell. It is also available in my online shop along with many pieces of my work


As some of you will know I base most of my workshops at The Strands Inn, Nether Wasdale and it was a nice surprise to see that Mark and Lesley had included me in their brochure.


I am delighted that they added me to their list of things to do when there and as biased as I am there isn't another place in the lakes that comes up to it for hospitality.

Visit and you wont be disappointed.