On behalf of our President, Graham Roberts, and all our members, it gives me great pleasure to thank you for your talk on Monday. There was quite a buzz in the hall afterwards with members saying how much they enjoyed listening to you and seeing your work. We were fascinated by your journey through photography, and many of your images via historical moments over the past 35 years stirred up memories of past events, honing your photographic skills en-route. When you finally managed to break free to pursue your love of the Lake District and Duddon Valley, it was also clear that none of your photographs appeared by accident, but that you have researched the area and conditions to get the result that you wanted.
Your exhibition in Harrogate was also a success. Certainly, many of our members viewed it.
I have noted that you have another talk available to bring to some future programme. Meanwhile, please feel welcome to visit HPS at any of our meetings – I am sure the Yorkshire dales/coast/ moors can offer you plenty of scope for your photography.
Again, many thanks, and all the best for Christmas and 2018.
— Peter Manning LRPS, Harrogate PS Programme Secretary
Mark, many thanks for coming down to the ‘flatlands’ of Bedfordshire to Biggleswade Camera Club to present ‘A Bit of a Journey’. It was a privilege to meet you and see the ‘man from the tv’ in the flesh so to speak. Our members really enjoyed a great evening and fascinating insight into how you arrived as a professional photographer running Wastwater Photography and delivering photographic workshops in one of the most stunning locations in the UK and then followed up with some amazing photographs, all interspersed with some great humour and tales.
It would be great to invite you to return to give another talk at Biggleswade in the very near future.
Will be in touch soon.
We’ve been lucky to have had many great speakers at Mold CC and Mark is right up there with them. He shared his fascinating story from his earliest years in photography and working in the emerging media of video, TV and the net through to his current trade as a professional landscape photographer.
In the first half of the talk Mark helped us relive many of the newsworthy and historical events in our recent history that he had been involved in with his photography and stories covering the last forty years. In the second half, he talked about his role as a writer and photographer in the outdoors and shared many fabulous images of the Lake District clearly illustrating his belief that landscape photography isn’t limited to good weather and the golden hour.
All was delivered with Mark’s obvious passion and enthusiasm for both photography and his subjects as well as a great sense of humour.
Would we have him back again? We sure would; our Programme Secretary is just trying to work out when! Highly recommended.”
Mark Thanks for coming to Bolton Digital last night. The whole range of work that you did and events that you were involved in was fascinating. You had a very complex story to put before us which clearly grabbed the attention of your audience. There were serious moments in the story, but your delivery was light-hearted and most entertaining.
We then had the second part of your talk, which was to show your landscape work, mainly shot throughout the Lake District. You have a wealth of excellent photographs, and a lot of what came across was your eye for the composition of the shot. In one image after another, the detail of organisation of elements, rich colours and technical quality just jumped out.
Many thanks again for coming to present your story tous. We look forward to other opportunities in the future.
“Thanks Mark for your fascinating talk last night. The presence of Darwen and Accrington Camera Clubs meant it was very cosy and standing room only ha ha

However, all were quickly absorbed in Mark’s account of activities with the Home Office, BBC and more, with photos from many important events from the 70’s to the 90’s. All were presented with humour and lots of excellent photos. In the second part Mark presented many superb photos, mainly Landscapes, though other genres as well. He explained his techniques and peppered his talk with anecdotes. In all it was a very entertaining and informative evening, with lots to take away.

“ Mark presented his ‘Bit of a Journey....’ talk to our Club in Cumbria last night and well what can we say?
‘A Bit of a Journey’ ?? - NO WAY!! Rather an ‘epic story’ of his life and how his love of photography evolved through the many opportunities he has taken over the years. To be present and part of documenting such historic moments, whether celebratory, harsh reminders or brutalities,
demonstrates his drive, enthusiasm and connection with people of all walks of life.
Mark presented his ‘story’ in a very unassuming and humorous way, almost brushing aside the many awards he has earned over the years.
A fantastic evening – definitely a very different and special approach to presenting photography, rounded off in the second half with examples of his landscape and other photographs- which were absolutely stunning images, particularly from the western part of Cumbria and the Lake District .
We will definitely be inviting you back to the Club, Mark.”
“ Many thanks for visiting us at Grange and giving us an excellent presentation about your journey through photojournalism, training and TV documentaries to award-winning landscape photographer. Clearly what has gone before has influenced you greatly in what you do now - your talk was inspirational and we all learned a lot from it not the least of which was your advice on landscape photography. We hope you will visit us again in the future”
“Mark, I must congratulate you on a superb talk to our society. Members are full of praise. The recent work is breathtaking, but we also greatly enjoyed the insight into your earlier photographic experiences in film and video. This too was fascinating. Importantly,your narrative was as good as your photography. I do hope you enjoyed your visit. We are grateful that you came so far to talk”
“Mark gives a very interesting and informative talk illustrated with his magnificent photographs of the Lakes and other subjects. What made this particular presentation was how he illustrated the journey he made from early childhood to an important career in photography, so we could see where he came from. References to the influence of his father were particularly touching.”
“Mark is an engaging and accomplished speaker. His often humorous account of his life as a professional photographer went down very well with our members and guests alike and there was something in it for everyone. His photography, from journalism to weddings to his beloved landscapes, speaks for itself. Highly recommended.”

Having been lucky enough to call this 'work' for over forty years, I am always delighted when asked to talk to Photographic Societies or any organised group of people about my job.

My innaugral talk, 'A BIT OF A JOURNEY' lasts for two hours and is fully illustrated with a powerpoint presentation, along with my sense of humour! I also deliver another talk entitled 'SAME VIEW DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE' which runs for the same duration.

Please contact me for further details. I have a few available dates for this year and bookings are currently being taken for the 2017/18 season. I look forward to hearing from you in due course.